Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quilt/Stash Project2020--Determined Quilter

Quilt Stash Project 2020--Determined Quilter

Saturday, July 24,2010...Year 2..Week 49..Blog 66..Day 378 of 4,014

The weather co-operated this week...cold/ I was able to quilt every morning without sun in my eyes.....or blinds closed..

...and I made substancial progress...

The 24x24 inch brown/aqua circle wall hanging IS quilted and completed...

This was an adventure....and I want to give special credit to Louisa Smith for teaching me about strata...and circles... reference: I took Louisa at Empty Spools Seminars ( in 2005 and 2008.

The fabric for this quilt also has a story...Why brown and dark aqua???? THAT is a MYSTERY... (as are so many other fabrics in the stash). This brown/dark aqua fabric was purchased at the Yokohoma International Quilt Show in 2009 ( WHAT WAS I THINKING???

These are NOT my preferred colors... and with the strata..and circles..the piece DID turn out very o.k. ; hopefully someone who DOES like those colors will buy that wall hanging..

Then....I also completed two "pictures" (installed in picture frames) using scraps and stash bought for one day classes at the Sisters, Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show--some year...1999-2000-2001 ( did I think ORANGE and BLACK were wonderful???? MYSTERY!!!!!

and I am now quilting a small puppy/kitty quilt made with left over blue/white angel and white/blue/pink hearts scraps....I have a super nice blue/white flannel backing...(some good person was giving way her scraps in an Empty Spools class and I benefited).

and on design board...Japanese!!!!....more of THAT adventure later.

Conclusion: a rewarding week of work..and progress: "inventory" for the Christmas Crafts Fair--November 10......How many quilts are enough????

So..Happy Quilting!!! Determined Quilter

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