Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quilt/StashProject-2020--Determined Quilter

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Tuesday, March 2,2010...Year 2...Week 28...Blog 44...Day 201 of 4,014



TWO small GREEN wall hangings--COMPLETED!!!

About six weeks ago I started with a 11.x11 plastic storgage bag of the unattractive..uninspiring GREEN scraps left over from a quilt project from 2005:

a bed quilt for youngest grandaughter AND matching doll bed quilt for an American Girl doll, commisioned by grandaughter's nanny as a goodbye gift as grandaughter moved from North Caorolina to Tennessee.

Amazingly..these two small wall hangings , while requiring "exceptional" creativity--and patient effort ARE very o.k.......and might even be appealing to those who favor GREEN.

WELL...won't have an answer until the Christmas 2010 Senior Center Craft Sale

AND....I now have plastic sandwich bag...with teeny-tiny scraps....to be carefully abandoned--but, of course, saved until the very end of this--- use all fabric to zero project.

Also completed since last blog...a puppy/kitty quilt.

I am feeling like a WONDER WOMAN today.


Commission--Commission....SORT-OF UNBELIEVABLE..


2 doggy quilts...2 kitty quilts....

The Quilt/Stash Project-- and the Christmas 2010 Challenge-Adventure is on a roll..

Next; some really orphan brown.beige.blue.red..really challenging fabric..question WHAT can it do with it????That IS THE EXCITING CHALLENGE AND ADVENTURE!!!

Happy quilting

Determined Quilter


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