Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Tuesday,September 22,2009.....Day 40 of 4,014

Expressions--Osaka Memories I--2003

Oregon Gold---2006

Aaron's 'Sweet Dreams--2002

Fans and Stars--2002

Well..again...6 days since I last blogged... and the good news is that I have been super productive.

First.....sitting in my almost finished quilt drawer---Osaka Memories I--2003

I started working about 60 days a year in Japan in spring of 1993..... in 2003 colleagues gave me a special gift of three half/yards of Japanese fabric.....and I went to work...Oska Memories I and II were completed that year..except..except #I never got a binding....

This week in my stash I found..not perfect..but certainly very o.k. dark purple batik that worked just fine for the binding.....and...and.. I also used completely that "orphaned' piece of stash fabric..

...so celebration... two Quilt/Stash goals accomplishing: completing one unfinished quilt top--and getting all of one dark purple batik out of the stash.

The third gift fabric from 2003 is more difficult..because of pattern and colors...I return to Osaka in November for a quilting tour..and the Yokohama quilt show (and also some work) and I will hope to find the "just right" complementary fabric to finally complete the Osaka trilogy.

Then I also completed the binding on Oregon Gold..and brilliant--bright orange-gold--black and pink 24x24..wall hanging ...part of a project of "Going Dottie" with Freddy Moran..and an Empty Spools Seminar in April 2006.

Knowing I was going to be "going dottie" with Freddy I gave myself a special "project" on the Heritage--"Oregon Gold" trip to Oregon/Sisters Quilt Show in July 2005. On that tour we visited 11 quilt stores....I bought two quarter or half yards of dottie fabric in each store...for 22 pieces of dottie fabric....I am working on it still.....reports when success achieved..

Then....somehow...manifesting...saying "make me"...."make me"..were the "scraps". from a baby quilt I made of friend's grandson, Aaron, in spring 2002. I now have a 22/18 Aaron's "Sweet Dreams" quilt..yes!!! using every scrap..every scrap...which I will quilt and bind this week.

Finally..again manifesting from the unfinished quilt blocks drawer....saying.."makeme!!!"make me"!!... the nine 12x12 inch squares of the Fans and Stars quilt,,,American made soft pink Japanese fan fabric...with very American stars of deep purple and orange.... ...Mystery...why in about 2002 did I think this would be a wonderful project??? no matter.. as of today, the top is complete....and I will begin work on the back tomorrow...

Yes!!! I am on a roll.....this quilt/stash project is working!!!...now to get the blogging on a rational/doable schedule.

Enough for today...Happy quilting...Determined Quilter


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