Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Thursday, January 14,2010...Year 2-Week 23--Blog 35--Day 153 of 4,014


Celebration!!! almost quilted.....this quilt is 36 by 45 inches

It has 9 -12 x 12 inch blocks plus 4 inch boarders top and bottom

The background is a gorgeous pink with glowing gold and blue Japanese fans

The pattern is a complicated eight point star..with complicated centers in deep purple and dramatic orange.

I have now quilted--in the ditch-- 7 of the stars....and it really looks super great.

This quilt has been in my "not-finished" drawer for at least 8-10 years....

I cannot even remember what motivated me to buy the fabric..choose the the work.

A MYSTERY with a happy ending..

I am glad that I can quilt a 36 by 45 inch quilt on my very basic OLD (probably 1970) Singer..with 3 zig-zag stiches... ( considered super "fancy" at the time)

So despite some annoying mundane life hassles taking too much time and psychic energy...this will bring a happy contented smile today.

......and looking in the "unfinished" quilt drawer I discovered maybe the first "PUPPY" quilt....TO-DO LIST: CALL SAN QUENTIN today!! that small quilt is for sure a creative experiment that did NOT work...will a puppy care???

Now my continuing frustration is that I have not been able to arrange borrowing a camera..and learning how to use...and also work the gizmo that plugs into a computer...I AM working on it!!!

Happy Quilting--Determined Quilter

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  1. Hi Great Quilter!
    Do go BUY a digital camera!
    You will never regret!
    Cheers Bodil