Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Thursday, January 28,2010...Year 2---Week24--Blog 37--Day 167 of 4,014

On Monday (1/25) CELEBRATION!!! the completion quilt #2 of 2010.......

Now...after relentless storming rain over the last 10 days with many happy hours confined to quilting...and seemingly endless time for mind wandering....

CHALLENGE--Decision/Discoveries...and new adventures!!

The QUESTION--#1: What to do with all the quilting projects I am making/completing with this quilt/stash project???

(I have been quilting for 13 years; I have given maybe 30 plus quilts/pillows/wall hangings to family and friends......I have ????? quilts stored or on "display" ( will count-up for next blog). I have never sold my quilts.)

The ANSWER/DECISION: SELL these "strange" scrap/stash --unfinished quilts.

QUESTIONS #2 and #3: Where??? How???

The endless raining days/mind wandering ANSWER:

The Christmas Craft Fairs at the Senior Centers in the largest cities in the county.

So...CHALLENGE!!Adventure #1: I need at least 20 items (wall hangings, pillows, dining room chair covers,puppy/kitty quilts) selling for at least $10 each to make break-even money.

So...all items must be "interesting"/ appealing and "perfect"--sell-able
and DO IT using ONLY THE SCRAPS AND STASH ( realistically no point in quilting-to-sell scraps/stash if I am spending money on additional fabric).

DISCOVERIES: Since the decision-to-sell three viable projects have manifest themselves--all with some strenuous creative thinking/doing--- possible.

For this distinguish them from my "private" completion projects ( immediately coming up: Kaffe Fassett and Silvia Einstein) I will designate them as Christmas-2010 Challenge Adventures...with separate accounting from my personal quilts.

The quilting angels were smiling: currently in process--Green Glow and Spectacular Starts wall hangings and a blue/white puppy/kitty quilt.

Yea!!! new Adventure.

Happy Quilting..

Determined Quilter

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