Monday, January 25, 2010

Quilt/Stash Project -2020--Determined Quilter


Blog I.....CELEBRATE!!!!.....AND.........CHALLENEGE

Monday, January 25, 2010... Year 2--Week 24--Blog 36--Day 164 of 4,014

BLOG I-- Celebrate!!!!

Quilt #2 of 2010 COMPLETED!!!...Another WINNER!!!

SIZE: 30 X 17 inches

Name: Dottie Strings

Based on a design by Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston featured in their 2006 book "Collaborative Quilting" (see frontpiece and page 211). a glorious--wonderful--stand-out of super bright multi-colored-multi-patterned and dottie fabric.

However...some hassles ands cautions.....

I quilted "in-the-ditch" with Sulke Metalic multi-colored sparkly thread which..KEPT BREAKING...AND BREAKING..AND BREAKING..AND BREAKING....frustration!!! and 'hours' of patient work.

This thread does add a special sparkle....and KNOW that Sulke Metalic thread is fragil and constantly breaks..

Special victories:

I was inspired to use as the whole cloth backing..perhaps the ugliest fabric ever ( a vibrating celedon green-navy blue-red stripe) What WAS I thinking when I bought that fabric--ten years ago???

The good news: somehow, while not "perfect" this bizarre fabric works o.k. for this quilt...AND a half/yard of "essentially unusable" fabric is now out the stash.

A second "victory"..As binding I used a "nice" purple-with gold/orange hearts as the binding--again, not "perfect" but very o.k...AND one/third yard of fabric is now GONE from the stash. projects:

...conpleted and waiting....nine 15x15 inch blocks with a Hawaiian theme fabric--a Lorraine Torrence design--made at Empty Spools Seminars in March, 2002 ( oh dear...8 years ago...and still unfinished)

....and a 36x 36 Sylvia Einstein circles design ( with templates by Lousia Smith) made at Empty Spools Seminars in April, 2008.

The "problem" with completing these quilts???

Both require buying new fabric for the backing and binding...

and.......both require professional quilting (both too big for me do do) MONEY...and a deviation from the mission and goals of quilt/stash project-2020.

See Blog 37 for the new adventure...and a daunting CHALLENGE

HAPPY QUILTING--Determined Quilter

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