Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Thursday, May 13,2010..Year 2--Week 39...Blog 58..Day 276 of 4,o14

Celebration...after maybe 2 months on a design wall "waiting' for binding, I finally DID IT!! AND a 28 X 22 inch puppy/kitty quilt is finally finished; and about time also....

The blocks have been "waiting" for at least 10 years..and the fabric is tiny blue/white flowers.with strategic small bright green accents..the fabric some of the very first I bought when I started quilting in 1996.

This quilt will go into my inventory for the Christmas Craft Fairs at local Senior Centers..; this one priced at maybe $5.00.

If if does not will go to the Puppy Project at San Quentin; prison inmates raise puppies to be given to disabled veterans..Glenn Close on Oprah last year...for sure a worthy/winnning cause all round...

Then unexpected SURPRISE.......

I now have 4 quilts on 3 design boards in my quilting "space".. note I did NOT say: studio.

Well, OF COURSE..I would much like to actually have a dedicated studio...and for the foreseeable future that just is not going to happen......

I did not work on any of those quilts..instead...presenting themselves: 10--12x11 pieces of really--dull-- uninteresting brown/beige fabric purchased at the Yokohohama Quilt show November 2008.

Well..for whatever reasons, it "spoke to me this morning and I was "inspired" to design/make a quilt based on the Lousia Smith concept of 'stratta" and her templates.....Empty Spools Seminars (year??) Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California. ( re:

Thought I might "ventilate" about having/not having a "studio"...but will save that for another day; what I do know is: gorgeous quilts can and do come from a million-and-one possible spaces --including kitchen tables in small New York apartments...

NO complaining..I am blessed..

Happy Quilting...Determikned Quilter.

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