Monday, October 5, 2009

Quilt/Stash Project-2020

Quilt/Stash Project--2020--Determined Quilter

Monday, October 5,2009........Week 9-Blog #18--Day 53 of 4,014

Scrap/Stash Wonders.......Jean Wells....Sisters, Oregon Outdoor Quilt Show

My grandmother was a quilter; I learned to sew beginning in 6th grade, at mandatory Home Ec. classes in Omaha, Nebraska (educating (indoctriating?) girls to become wives, mothers, 'HOMEMAKERS).....well I am forever grateful for that traditional start. I sewed clothes for myself through high school; and made simple garments for my kids when they were little.

I came to quilting "late"---taking my first class at a Community College in the fall of 1997; making my first quilt for a grandaughter's first birthday...I have proud pictures...

..and I have in my scraps still.... fabric from that quilt. oh dear!!!!!

I have written before, how unfinished quilt tops, blocks finshed..but not put together and other random scraps, stash, blocks seem to manifest--shout!!! "do me".

Happened again this past weekend...four blocks, 12x12 inches, "demanded" my attention.

These blocks are a variation of a methodology and design learned in a class with Jean Wells at Empty Spools Seminars in 2001...amazingly, they have fabric from that very first quilt made 12 years ago.

Well..I will use all those scraps.......and completing that quilt will be a challenge...and a relief.

Then Jean Wells.....see: investigate her last book: "Intuitive Color and Design for Quilters".

Jean is a quilter, author, quilt store owner...and creator of the exceptional Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show held every July in Sisters, Oregon.

I have been to Sisters in 2000,2001,2002 for 2-3 days of class and the show...and again in 2005 with the Heritage Tour of Oregon....all happy experiences...

Well..the "ancient" scraps/Wells quilt is now in process--I'll keep you posted.

Happy Quilting..Determined Quilter.

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