Friday, December 11, 2009

Quilt/Stasah Project-2020--Determined Quilter


Friday, December 11,2009...Week 18--Blog 29--Day 120 of 4,014


Day 7--Thursday,November 13--Tokyo....
Again...Those intreped, enthuisastic tour-mates went local train to the Yuzawaya Kamata all reports and "experience"...and I cannot comment..because I did not go--have I really reached an age when "shopping' has lost it's charm???or is it just me???

Afternoon special treat--The near-by Kabuki-Za Theatre--with a traditonal Kabuki drama. That lovely old theatre was completely sold-out at 4;oo on a week day afternoon..and we were there only westeners present....Thanks!! Traveling together.

Day 8--Friday, November 13, Quilt Week-Yokohama---the "reason" for this trip.

Morning: a class--making by hand a traditional little purse.....very o.k....and for me, a nice gift for a special friend...then

Afternoon QUILT SHOW!!! QUILT SHOW!!!!!QUILT SHOW!!!...absolutely gorgeous--fabulous quilts...dare I say that most--90%? would win some prize in any quilt show in the world.. Yes!! I dare....a happy, happy and daunting experience. For your Bucket List (you know: things to-do before I die) Quilt Week-Yokohoma needs serious consideration.

Day 9--Saturday, November 14 a free day---and that is a secret I will keep;but including a happy farewell dinner....

Day 9--Sunday, Home...

Report: Quilt/Stash Project-2020 cold/raw/foggy rain today...SO time to quilt....yes!! quilting the PinkFan/Star quilt this afternoon.

Happy Quilting--Determined Quilter

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