Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter


Wednesday, December 9, 2009...Week 18--Blog 28--Day 118 of 4,014

Report: Quilt/Stash Project-2020

One week since last Blog---or quilting time-progress..*&^%$#%$%
..the ordinary, mundane, boring chores of life keep demanding and taking time and attention.

However,..small mission accomplished this morning: the orange-purple flowered fabric purchased last week for the backing of the Pink Fan/Stars Japanese quilt just did NOT work.

So,,new fabric had to be purchased....found at Ben Franklin...deep purple with gold leaves...I hope this is right.

( www.TravelingTogether.net)

Day 5-Tuesday, November 10: Train to Takayama-Rain-Hot Springs-Hot Tub- Roykan-Japanese Dinner

Train---Kyoto to Nagoya, then NOT TO BE MISSED...Train--- Nagoya to Takayama:

TWO hours of absolutely spectular mountains/river continually Blooming!! Blooming!! Blooming!!with seemingly every gorgeous flowering/color changing tree native to Japan (except Cherry Blossoms?). RAIN in the hot springs town of Yakahama which did not stop all my tour colleagues from energetically- with focused purpose- exploring the town, the local outdoor markets and merchants; I stayed snug at the Roykan and and indulged myself in bubbling, steaming hot tubs--soothing my deprived, sibaretic soul. EIGHT course traditional Japanese dinner and tatami mats for sleeping made for a perfect Japanese experience.

Day 6-Wednesday, November 12: Morning rain did not deter my enthsiastic and determined colleagues from "buying out" the kimono goodies of a small village shop. They hit (figuratively, of course) the $100,000 jack-pots kimonos..kimonos..kimonos all compelling and wonderful
Then: Afternoon TRAIN to Tokyo with two hours of glorious mountain foliage again.

The Buddha was smiling on us.

Happy Quilting--Determined Quilter

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