Friday, August 14, 2009

Getting Started-August14,2009

Getting Started it begins.........

Quilt/Stash Project-2000....and this blog..


On August 9,2009 I saw the movie."Julie and Julia"with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams,relating the true life stories of cooking legend Julia Childes and Julie Powell. Powell is in an almost-thirty-and-have-done-nothing-with-my-life meltdown and decides to make all 524 recipes in Child's famous book on French cooking within one year (365 days) write a daily blog report on her experiences.

My "crisis' is not a personal angst..rather it is the stash of perfectly good left over fabric from 13 years of quilting...and what to do with it--and...unfinished quilts now numbering about 15.

Following the Powell model/inspiration I have decided to commit to at least one (1) hour of "quilting" every day until that stash is zero.....and all unfinished quilts are is August 1, 2020........

..and to report my progress and adventures daily (except Sundays) in this blog.

Currently, I have on my design walls five quilt tops almost completed..and now almost ready for backing and quilting; at least ten various size wall hangings in a drawer all needing backing and quilting; and on the studio floor nine 15 x 15 patches--the unfinished quilt top of a Lorraine Torrence design started at the week long Empty Spools Seminars-Asilomar, Pacific Grove, California in March 2002..yes!!! 2002.

...and, of course, the boxes and drawers of fabric...

Obviously..this unfinished quilts..and fabric stash 'crisis' deserves and needs attention...however long it takes to complete.

In addition, i will write about my experiences with over 20 exceptional and gifted teachers...and my quilt tour/quilt show adventures..

So..Day 1--Friday, August 14,2009

Today I have completed piecing the backing of a small 19x23 inch design by Reynola Pakusich, "overlapping Circles" (Empty spools Seminars-Asilomar, Pacific Grove California-March-2009) and will begin the machine quilting.

Reynola's sample quilt is flowers and a geometric pattern..mine is dotty fabrics in maroon-purple-blue.

(I hope to have pictures posted here soon.)

To see Reynola's work:

For Empty spools Seminars:

Yes!!!at least 1 hour a day!!! (4,014 days to go)

and..of course all comments welcome
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