Monday, August 24, 2009

Quilt/StashProject-2020--Determined Quilter

Monday,August 23,2009

This blog:Quilt/StashProject-2020 was started on Friday, August 14,2009

This is the 11th day REPORT

Productive weekend August 21 and 22...about 5 hours of quilting...

"HappyCircles": Determined Quilter design (18x25) from "unfinished quilt tops" drawer COMPLETED!!!!! it looks GOOD!!!

also from the "unfinished quilt tops" drawer--Determined Quilter design (22x17) "VICTORIA
SUNSET"named for the fabric bought in a Victoria, British Columbia, Canada quilt store on a trip by County HeritageTours to the Seattle quilt show in 2006.

( See: Binding on "Victoria Sunset" to be completed today.

Then... be worked on today---.another quilt top from the "unfinished quilt
tops" drawer that I am naming:"Medival Cathedrals" (28x28) This from a 2 day quilting class in conjunction with the Sisters, Oregon quilt show in 2002..yes--%$%^%$#& 2002....oh dear!!..

Unfortuantely, the original design name, designer name and teacher's name lost from my records.... the top is interesting, complicated, time consuming piecing...and the baccking with left-over fabric is a colors: vibrant orange-red-black.. yes..again I hope to manage pictures soon.

Not to be missed: the July 10, 2010 Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show--in dramatically beautiful Sisters, Oregon ( I have been now four inspiring, happy if crowded experience..get lodging reservations well in advance.

O.K. all up-to-date....Happy Quilting....Determined Quilter

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