Monday, August 31, 2009

Quilt/Stash Project-2020--Determined Quilter

Monday, August 31, 2009...Day 18 of 4,014

Reality---Revisions and Adjustments

Did Julie Powell actually cook/bake every single day for a year??..or.."only" somehow manage to cook/bake 524 Julia Child recipes in 365 days???

Did Julie Powell actually actually blog every single day for a year about her experiences???

At this moment..answer unknown. However, I started the Quilt/Stash Project-2020 expecting?hoping to emulate that dedicated successful experience: quilt at least one hour every day; blog every day.

Now, after two weeks: REALITY...and more modest goals.

Yes!!! complete all quilts on the design boards on August 14, 2009 and in the "unfinished quilt tops' drawer; and...get the fabric stash to zero by 2020.

Now--Reality: quilt consistently-regularly WHEN life allows

yes!!! blog consistently-regularly WHEN life allows

Report on Progress

90 degree brain sizzling/numbing heat over the weekend--so no quilting

I have changed the mane of my "Medieval Cathedral's' quilt to the more accurately descriptive and evocative for me "Barcelona Cathedrals".

Also, reality--no acceptable binding fabric in the stash, so.... maybe $2.50 for a quarter yard of dramatic black fabric for a WOW finish.

Happy Quilting--Determined Quilter

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