Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quilt/StashProject-2020--Determined Quilter

Thursday,August 26,2009......Day 14 of 4,014

Super productive day yesterday (no blogging) about 6 hours of quilting-- piecing the backing of the "Medival Cathedrals" (28x28) quilt ; the quilt top started and completed in a 2 day class in conjunction with the Sisters, Oregon Outdoor Quilt show in July, 2002. Yes!! SEVEN (7) years ago.

This quilt has dramatic colors of orange-red-black; the very best rewarding/satisfying outcome: I actually used, to the very last-tiny scrap all of the original fabrics..and..most of an additional gorgeous black-orange-red complementary/enhansing fabric from my stash boxes..

Surprisingly,the backing of this quilt is now even more arresting and dramatic that the top-- Yes!! I am good!!!

..and I am accomplishing my goal of using my stash to zero by 2020.

Quilting today!!!!!

Then......a Reality Revelation (of course..of some deep (?) subconscious level I have always known ) some of my unfinished quilt tops cannot be completed from the stash....and..

The reason is simple: there are absolutly no compatible fabrics of any size or amount in the stash.

So now I accept that I must/will have a To-Be-Delayed drawer......for those finished quilt tops that require new fabric (thus new purchases).

As of today, August 26, 2009 thre are 2 quilt tops for the To-Be-Delayed drawer:

1. Sylvia Einstein design--"intersecting" circles ( top completed at Empty Sools Seminars--2008

2. My unnamed "Hawaii" themed top--the original design by Lorraine Torrence (Multi-View Images) completed at Empty Spools Seminars in 2002..oh dear..there is that year 2002 again..

Unfortunate no internet address for Lorraine.....happy search...

Empty Spools

Happy Quilting...

Determined Quilter

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