Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quilt/StashProject-2020...Determined Quilter

Day 7--August 20,2009

The challenege...

Complete all unfinished quilt tops.....get stash to zero

Quilt at least one hour per day..until year 2020..or until mission accomplished.

"the best laid plans" ????? well famous quote from somewhere....someone...

Tuesday-Wednesday August 18-19 unexpectedly not available for my quilting project/challenge because friend needing my assistance with surgery....


...Happy Circles: Determined Quilter design...18x25 top from 'unfinished quilt tops" drawer.

Accomplished piecing backing on Monday -August 17 using fabric from stash......

( fabric left over from Sandy Bonsib--"Carmel Sunday Quilt"-"Quilters Desserts" series..Empty
Spools Seminars-Asilomar--March 2007)

Sandy Bonsib:

Empty Spools

Goal for today: quilting...and binding???

4008 days/hours to go...I am working on providing pictures of finished quilts..

I have been quilting since 1996---amazingly I have quilts in Japan, Finland,Sweden, Denmark, from quilters all over the world WELCOME!!!

HAPPY QUILTING--Determined Quilter

Happy quilting

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